Ode to Coffee

Before the sun rises, just a glow on the horizon Morning dew covers my neighbors roofs. My mind is fresh after yoga stretches, a few sun salutations. I feed one cat, while the other wants out so he can sit under the rhody bush, to stalk birds. Finally, it is time, for the most important... Continue Reading →

Be the change you desire…

Lately I have been reminded about my limited time on this planet. The reminders have been blatant, smack you in the face, kind of events. A friend committing suicide, another friend dying from colon cancer and my mother's journey to rid her body of cancer. My heart aches and my mind reels into motion, what... Continue Reading →

Push my button, pull my trigger

Is there someone you know who pushes your buttons with a marksman's precision? Moms are good at this, at least mine is... But what about the people you least suspect? About a week ago, I was triggered after having a lovely sushi dinner with my honey. Once the bill was paid, we still had some... Continue Reading →

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