Saint Lo Seventy Years later

Disclaimer: I have been using the wordpress app on my iPhone for the blogs while on my trip. It is a pathetic application with no way to save a draft so I can work on it on my kindle after posting pictures. WordPress needs to understand that writers like all artists need a sketchbook and... Continue Reading →

A grave matter?

Wednesday was the chosen day. We packed our father's ashes to drive them to their final resting place. The grave of his father. A reunion 70 years in the making. From the shores of the English Channel near Fort La Varde, the last location my grandfather was stationed, we drove inland 130 kilometers towards the... Continue Reading →

A day in Saint Malo France

Saint Malo, a fortified city dating back 100s of years, an important center of maritime trade and the closest town to fort La Varde where my grandfather was stationed prior to his death. A fascinating place. I hope the pictures do her justice. Solidor tower - a maritime museum paying tribute to the history of... Continue Reading →

Aeroville – shopping in Paris

I arrived to Paris at 2pm local time. Almost 24 hours after I left Seattle. My brother was waiting for me outside customs just as planned. We can now hop in the rental car and continue our pilgrimage to Normandy by driving four hours to Saint Malo. Well not just yet... Something was missing. My... Continue Reading →

How a long day can get longer…

I am in London's Heathrow airport. If you read my blog from yesterday this stop was not on my itinerary. How did I get here? The flight from Dallas to Paris on American Airlines was cancelled. Mechanical problems. "We have rebooked you to arrive tomorrow at 6pm." Said the ticket agent on the phone. "That... Continue Reading →

Long travel day ahead

Seattle-Dallas-Paris This will be my route today. I am leaving a peaceful, snow covered Seattle, warm snuggles with my kitties and morning coffee with my love. The physical part of this pilgrimage begins with 17 hours of travel. Four hour flight to Dallas; four hour layover; nine hour flight to Paris. It will be 10am... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a pilgrimage

Maps - check Rain gear - check Thermals - check Cameras - check Passport - check I have been on countless trips, yet I still find packing a challenge. I check the weather. It will be cold and rainy, just like Seattle. I visualize the terrain, hills, beach, mud and sand. What shoes do I... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage to Normandy

What would you do if you learned the location of your grandfather's grave, who died during World War II, was in fact known? For 43 years I thought my grandfather died during the D-day invasion along the Normandy coast of northern France. I also thought his body was lost to history, no grave, no cemetery.... Continue Reading →

Green is the new red: Will Potter on the problem of treating environmentalists like terrorists

Powerful expose!

TED Blog


When Chicago Tribune reporter Will Potter went to pass out animal rights leaflets, he had no idea the FBI would single him out and pressure him to become an anti-activism informant, threatening his future if he refused. Here, we talk to the TED Fellow and author of Green is the New Red about this experience, which sent him into a whole new area of research. The crux of what he found: environmental and animal-rights activists are now considered the United States’ number-one domestic terrorism threat, and they are being prosecuted as criminals.

Do you think of yourself as an activist?

I don’t consider myself an activist, but there’s certainly an advocacy component when I’m talking about civil rights issues. My background’s in newspaper and magazine reporting. For a long time I tried to pursue the traditional newsroom path, and I was on it for quite a while. Then, when I…

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