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About me

Field trip to Bandelier National Monument.

Follow me as I merge three of my passions: writing, traveling, and the ocean. When I travel, locally or globally, I see the world through the eyes of a child of immigrants, of a scientist, and of a writer. Sharing my perspective of the world is my goal with this blog.

The skinny and the fat blog is the epicenter, the peacemaker, the negotiator between the creative vs. analytical sides of my brain. My blogs will be a contemplation mixing culture, food, and spirituality. If my piece sparks discussion between me and my readers – this blog has served a higher purpose. Bringing humans together.

Travel was a peacekeeper in my family. It was when arguments between my parents stopped. My brother and I knew Daddy was the captain and navigator of our Chrysler Town and Country station wagon while Mamí was our chef, nurse, and steward ensuring we were kept fed, mended any wounds, and didn’t fall out of line.

Whether it was a car-camping trip or a trip to Europe, exploring the world outside of the inner-city of Chicago gave me a broader perspective. We weren’t rich, but travel or the art of exploring was central to my family life. The life of immigrants exploring their new home or visiting their old home when possible.

As an adult, my travel has been part get-away, part knowledge-gathering, and part quest to learn more about myself and about others.

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