Day 16 – Beach Access


I really wanted today’s post to be about my first time diving since 1996. Yes, this marine biologist hasn’t been SCUBA diving in 20 years. I had a fantastic experience – I picked it back up like my last dive was a week ago.

Perhaps diving is like riding a bicycle?

The most amazing thing I saw on my dive – 2 large turtles at a “cleaning station.” A cleaning station is where larger marine animals go to get “cleaned” of parasites by smaller fish or shrimp. The turtles were chill as they floated in mid-water column, getting a spa treatment from their little buddies. Remember when fish pedicures tried to make it in the U.S? Well, it is sort of like that.

So instead of a dorky picture of me with matted hair, a silly grin, a red rim around my face from where my mask was, and sporting an unflattering wetsuit (yes! it was cold), you get to see the path I take to the beach.

Here in Hawaii beaches are public land – but access to the beaches may be private. So in a place like Kailua, where the beach is 2.5 miles long, there are public access paths between some private property. The beach access I go to is only a half-block away, but then the path to the beach is a long city block.

What would you think about if you had to walk down this path to get to the beach?

I think about how awesome it is to be living in paradise!




Day 11 – Traffic

Traffic. It is the plague of the modern world. It even exists on this small dot in the middle of the grand Pacific Ocean. 

Thanks to a little research and asking friends who live in Oahu, I learned how to avoid standstill traffic.

It takes me 32 minutes to drive the 14 miles to work. I take the H3 (Interstate H3!) from Kailua to Pearl Harbor, Monday thru Friday. It is a road I think was built to link two military bases. 

It is a cherry drive thru Jurrasic park-like, tall, green, mountains. There are some hairy places like when you exit the tunnel and it is raining on the other side of the mountains or if you let your eyes stray for 2 seconds and realize the part of the highway you are on is elevated a few hundred feet.

But this is paradise and yes even sitting at a stop light has amazing views like the one pictured above.

Wish I could share more photos of my commute and the snarled traffic of the H1, but I’ve got my hands on the wheel! 


Day 1 – E Komo Mai

welcome to hawaiiMy first day was a long day. Flight was fine, getting rental car, and even going to Costco was fine (great place to buy fish!).I arrived to my rental – no problem (google maps didn’t let me down).

All looked great until I began to settle in.

It was cluttered.

Stuff in desk?

Stuff in cupboards and drawers. No place for my stuff.

As I made room for my I found dirt…

But then I found mold…

Even on the toilet seat?!

Things were broken (the toilet lever!!!) and things needed replacing (ironing board). 

I was frustrated and my patience was thin.

When I informed the property manager they were apologetic and attentive to making the necessary changes and refunding my cleaning fee. They offered to bring in the cleaners “again.” At first I declined but after finding the moldy toilet seat I accepted.

I went to bed (it smelled and looked clean) at midnight Seattle time. 

Tomorrow is another day.