What would you do if you learned the location of your grandfather’s grave, who died during World War II, was in fact known?

For 43 years I thought my grandfather died during the D-day invasion along the Normandy coast of northern France. I also thought his body was lost to history, no grave, no cemetery.

Two weeks ago I learned from my brother that his burial place is known. He is buried in a small cemetery for German soldiers who were not involved in the D-day invasion. He died a month after that fateful day in history and before another significant but little heard of battle at St. Malo.

On Sunday I begin a pilgrimage to his grave. I will join my brother to pay respect to our family’s history, our grandfather’s sacrifice and to the memory of our father, his son, who passed away last November. A son who never visited his father’s grave.

In a few days our grandfather will receive his first guests.

Join me on my journey.