Day 13 -Relief

IdylisThe weather in Hawaii is beautiful. Eighty degrees, trade winds are blowing a gentle breeze and making the humidity seem less. I drive to work with my windows all the way down.

Then there is the temperature in my studio. Hot, humid, and stuffy. No breeze can find its way into my abode because of the seven-foot fence that is only five feet away from my sliding glass door.

For almost two weeks I have attempted to acclimate to the claustrophobic feeling of being in a casket with no air. Attempts were made with three ceiling fans and three regular fans, to cool the place down at night. I still woke up sticky and sweaty.

Twenty years of living in the Pacific NW is hard to overcome. I love the natural air conditioner of most summer evenings in Seattle. Those other summer evenings, after a ninety-degree day, stagnant air, and no evening cooling and the thermostat says 81 degrees, when it usually says 65 – that’s how it is in my studio. Until tonight…

Meet Idylis, my new best friend. She is a portable air conditioner I bought from a neighbor. Used, in good shape, from a lovely couple, who had the attachment for a sliding glass door – a match made in heaven.



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