Breakfast – Day 2 – preparing for a colonoscopy

What I really want for breakfast.



I slept okay, although I have a mild headache and sinus congestion, but that may be from allergies. It’s funny how not eating and going through a major unpleasant event like a colon cleanse opens up a part of your brain that fantasizes about everything you can’t have.

I went for a walk this morning and felt the glow of memories from outdoor meals had with my lovely friends. The cheese, the figs drizzled with honey, dates filled with blue cheese, apples and of course a glass of wine. I want to immerse myself in fresh foods, cooked slightly with a hint of herbs, and a drizzle of olive oil. Flowers in my hair as I sit under a huge oak tree near a vineyard, the sun shining on the fall colors along the hillside, enjoying these delights from the earth.

Breakfast – electrolyte water and a cup of Maui coffee.

Instead my only luxury is a cup of black coffee made with coffee beans from Maui, chased with a sip of electrolyte water. I’m not complaining, unlike diarrhea, I feel great and I’m happy to have coffee, my elixir of life. Although, I loathe the thought of drinking the Magnesium Citrate at 10:30 am… 3 hours away…

Day 1 – morning – The preparations begin

Low fiber breakfast cereal – grits.


“I’ll make grits this morning.” I thought to myself before getting out of bed. The directions said to have a “low fiber breakfast” and under cereal it said “rice or corn.” I knew I had a bag of coarsely ground corn meal that I bought to make polenta about a year ago, so why not take this opportunity to use up some of that stuff that gets forgotten in the cupboard.

Protein drink
Protein drink…


There were other “low fiber options” on one of the instruction sheets I was given for the preparation; eggs, tofu, milk products, protein drinks, and soup. “Meat and fish are ok to have” the instructions included. I decided to have a protein drink as well. Pumpkin protein and orange juice, even though orange juice wasn’t specifically mentioned. Or does it go under the “No seeds, nuts, bran, oats, wheat, fresh vegetables, fruit or salad?” Oops, I think I should not have had my type of protein drink. Perhaps they were thinking of that stuff called Ensure or something like that.

Low fiber breakfast

My version of a low fiber breakfast.



Well, breakfast wasn’t so bad. I was able to have coffee, so I’m happy. Lunch will look similar to breakfast. I have some leftover grits that I will eat with some chicken stock and perhaps I’ll throw in some small shrimp for the “meat.” I’ll have to eat this before 12:30 pm, since after this time I’m told to only have clear liquids.

I’m afraid of what is to come later today. Luckily, I had my morning constitutional despite the low fiber breakfast. I hope that will make tonight a little easier.