Day 59 – Super Moon

90-days in paradise


Dear Super Moon,

You looked splendid tonight. Your rouge-like aura when you first emerged above the horizon made me wonder if you were a bit angry. Did Mars tell you something that pissed you off? Did he tell you that you are not made of rock, but of cheese?

My sweet, you do look beautiful when you are angry. The rush of lunar blood through your valleys gives you a glow of life – of – dare I say – passion. Was that your energy rushing through me? Spreading a renewed sense of vitality, of clarity.

As you ascended your rouge softened to a light pink then an angelic halo of creamy white draped over you like a beautiful, silky shawl. Did you forgive him?

Oh Super Moon, I need your wisdom tonight. I offer you a gift of plumerias, yellow and white, floating along your beams across the ocean…

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Day 29 – Full Moon

Almost full moon…

What is beauty?

It is a completely subjective thing. It depends on your experiences. It depends on where you have traveled. It depends on your beliefs.

I try to find beauty wherever I go, in the smile of a barista or the full moon rising above the ocean.

I am thrilled when my mind is calm enough to see the beauty beyond the ugly. The fragrance of a plumeria tree in full bloom drifting into my car window while I sit in traffic. Ghost crabs scurrying across sand covered in micro-plastics.

Sometimes I feel that people want beauty to smack them in the face or believe it is reserved only for a special occasion or found over there but not here.

I find beauty in what is going on in my beloved country. I see an awakening. I see things not continuing as they have been. I see people not putting up with the status quo.

Yes it can be hard to see the beauty in something, but it is there. Don’t wait for it to smack you in the face.

Pele’s sunset behind the Ko’olau mountains.

Although those moments can be profound!


Moonset in paradise

Sunset on Maui
Sunset on Maui.







Tropical sunsets, palm trees, warm breeze, mai tai in hand, ukulele playing in the background. We all dream about them, some of us have experienced them. Watching the sun setting below the ocean filled horizon is the vision many of us have of pure relaxation, pure connection with a greatness that humbles us and fills us with gratitude. There are many pictures of sunsets, but what about moonsets?

While planning my trip to Maui I choose to be there during the full moon. I didn’t plan on watching a moonset, like I had planned to catch the sunset every day, mai tai in hand. I had only envisioned watching the greatness of the full moon’s cool glow as she rose over the eastern sky after a glorious sunset.

Moon rising over Lahaina
Moon rising over Lahaina.

Jet-lag is usually viewed as negative, something that leaves your biorhythms askew. Hawaii is three hours behind my usual Pacific time zone, which meant going to sleep early and waking up at 4:30 in the morning. The first morning in Maui, much to the chagrin of my partner, I was up and making coffee before 5:30 a.m. My goal that first morning was to be the first person in the water at a popular snorkel area in Kihei, an hour drive from our condo. The moon and the bright stars were just a backdrop to a perfect morning, nothing more.

Full moon.
Full moon in Maui






The second morning, I slept in. It was 4:45 a.m. Wide awake, I decided to begin brewing a pot of coffee and sit out on the Lanai. The sky was clear and the moon was one day away from total fullness, but she looked pregnant, and bright that morning. There was a gentleness in the air,  no breeze, no birds singing, no sign of the other tourists staying at the condo complex. The trade winds wouldn’t kick up until mid morning, several hours away, the only sound was the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore. I enjoyed the stillness, I embraced it, I wanted to bottle it up and take it with me back to Seattle, to open during one of those chaotic city moments.

Slowly the moon descended towards the horizon as I enjoyed my morning cup of Maui coffee. The western sky was black, as the eastern sky showed only slight hints of the sunrising. I looked at the time, 5:45 a.m., the sun would be up in 15-20 minutes. The moon was going to set about the same time as the sun would begin to peek over the eastern horizon. I became excited with the notion of watching the full moon set. The sky became lighter as the moon came within centimeters of the horizon. Slowly the moon began to turn a pinkish orange, the birds began to sing as she disappeared below the horizon. Moonset.

Moonset in Maui
Moonset in Maui.
Moonset in Maui.