Day 69 – Thanksgiving

Today I give thanks to this happy couple. My parents - circa 1969 at Banff or Glacier NP. They represent what the United States of America is all about. A country of compassion. A country of opportunity. A country where an economic refugee from Germany and a political refugee from Cuba, could meet, fall in... Continue Reading →

Day 46 – Love with Abandon

Love with abandon. You have heard this adage before. You have wished for it.  You may have decided you will never know what this means. But you are experiencing it right now, every day, every hour, every minute. You are loving Earth with abandon. You think she will support you. You think she will always... Continue Reading →

Challenging Status Quo

On Monday I decided I was going to do something different in my life. It began when I wanted to add a cover image to my LinkedIn account. I know, nothing big, especially because I'm not sure what the value of my LinkedIn account is, and I'm pretty sure no one in my "network" cares... Continue Reading →

The father

A little girl alonein a field of flowers.She sees no beauty.Abandoned,by the man she loves.Yearning,to holdhis hand.He was to be her guide,Her hero.Waiting,She looks for himin others.Their arrows of love,Bounce off her heart.No warrior of eros could win.Years of lost opportunities,culminate.Towards death,He returns,Professing his love,His ignorance.ForgivenessMelts walls of pain,Lifts a fog of anger.Loverepairs heartbreak.The child... Continue Reading →

Be the change you desire…

Lately I have been reminded about my limited time on this planet. The reminders have been blatant, smack you in the face, kind of events. A friend committing suicide, another friend dying from colon cancer and my mother's journey to rid her body of cancer. My heart aches and my mind reels into motion, what... Continue Reading →

Push my button, pull my trigger

Is there someone you know who pushes your buttons with a marksman's precision? Moms are good at this, at least mine is... But what about the people you least suspect? About a week ago, I was triggered after having a lovely sushi dinner with my honey. Once the bill was paid, we still had some... Continue Reading →

Talking to strangers…

Do you do it? When? To ask for directions? To order at a restaurant? To the grocery store clerk? To buy or sell something? I admit, I don't usually strike up conversations with strangers, I'm still a little shy about it and... yeah scared. The times I have spontaneously erupted in conversation with a stranger... Continue Reading →

Til Death…

Death. What it means to each of us is very personal, but transcendent as well, meaning it is a part of our being human. What is your relationship with death? Is it filled with fear? Peace? or Indifference (which may lead back to fear)? It was June 12, 2012, a month ago, when I went... Continue Reading →

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