The fog outside this morning is like pea soup.

Driving through this stuff is not impossible but it does mess with my eyes. Or is it because it is a Monday morning and my two cups of coffee haven’t kicked in yet?

I have my second cup of coffee with me on my drive to work. At a stop light I decide to dump the cold brew left in my cup outside my window. The light turns green as I place my cup into the cup holder, slowly I let off the brake, the car moving thanks to gravity and going downhill, but wait there is a drip – save the drip from staining my seat or my pants –  eyes off the road so briefly…


I hit the car in front of me. The sound was horrible. Sparking a memory, from 15 years ago, of the last time I was in a car accident – only then I was the one hit.

Am I sure this is happening? Where am I? How did I get here?

The fog makes the scene surreal.

We move our cars to the side of the road.

He is uninjured. Only frazzled like me.

I apologize profusely, smile even.

Damn, I am such a Seattleite.

It was his first accident.

I walk him through the protocol.

We share information.

I call my insurance company.

It’s over.

Or has it only just begun?