How a long day can get longer…


I am in London’s Heathrow airport.
If you read my blog from yesterday this stop was not on my itinerary.

How did I get here?
The flight from Dallas to Paris on American Airlines was cancelled. Mechanical problems.
“We have rebooked you to arrive tomorrow at 6pm.” Said the ticket agent on the phone.
“That is unacceptable.” I responded.
“Talk to the customer service agent at the airport, they will help you get an earlier flight.”

Luckily I was already in line at customer service. The agent booked me on flights that would get me to Paris by 3pm, five hours after I originally was supposed to arrive.

Off I went to wait for the British Airways flight to London. While waiting I decided to check out to see if there was an earlier flight. Of course there was. I go up to the British airways counter and the agent begrudgingly put me on standby on a BA flight that arrives Paris at 2pm.

I now have a seat on that flight and soon I will meet up with my brother who has been waiting patiently for me in Paris.

I hope my checked bag is waiting for me too.


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