Writing Science… progress report

Field trip to Bandelier National Monument.
Field trip to Bandelier National Monument outside of Santa Fe.

My last post was written in Santa Fe on the eve of attending the Santa Fe Science Writer’s workshop. I shared “I have a great passion to help people not only understand but to be a part of the scientific process, to share in the discovery of new places or celebrate the innovative spirit of scientists trying to understand the world we live in.”

My brain is fatigued and I have typer’s cramp. A week of the workshop attending lectures at 6500 ft above sea level, dealing with dry sinuses and constant dry throat, revising a story about four times, when I thought it was”done” before I went to Santa Fe, left me questioning my life’s passion.  Moving paragraphs around or deleting one or two sentences that just didn’t fit, felt like I was juggling elephants with one arm…  Why is it so hard to mold a piece of writing into something – tangible, understandable, logical and interesting?

I persevered. Writing is hard. If it wasn’t then everyone would be doing it. So forward I went. With each rewrite the story sounded better and better.

Today – the story is finally posted on the website of my employer. I have a second story in the hopper that I hope will be posted by next week.

The more I write, the less intimidating the process, the more fun it is to see the results. Revisions are becoming my friends. Now when I begin a piece I yearn for the moment I get to revise it because I know it will always be better than the first draft.



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