Culinary Outings: Seasons of Seafood Oysters and Clams with Zoi from Westward

Last week, I attended this dinner of seafood delights. The food prepared by Chef Zoi of the restaurant Westward in Seattle WA, was orgasmic! The perfect bite blog, captures the food and the evening!

The Perfect Bite... and Life Adventures

Over the last few months I’ve been fortunate to attend the entire Seasons of Seafood dinner series organized by my good friend Bryan Jarr. Last week he ended the season with a phenomenal meal by Chef Zoi Antonitsas from acclaimed restaurant Westward.  It was the best in the series by far!  I have visited Westward many times since it opened last year and its one of my favorite restaurants in the US and the spot I recommend most to friends. The food is fresh, bright and forward thinking, the space is one-of-a-kind and Chef Zoi is a delight. This Seasons of Seafood dinner combined Zoi’s expertise with some of the best seafood the PNW has to offer – oysters, clams and Black Cod. I am still thinking about the Tagliarini Nero pasta with razor clams and definitely think it should be on the menu at Westward.

These dinners reconfirmed my love of seafood and even…

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