welcome to hawaiiMy first day was a long day. Flight was fine, getting rental car, and even going to Costco was fine (great place to buy fish!).I arrived to my rental – no problem (google maps didn’t let me down).

All looked great until I began to settle in.

It was cluttered.

Stuff in desk?

Stuff in cupboards and drawers. No place for my stuff.

As I made room for my I found dirt…

But then I found mold…

Even on the toilet seat?!

Things were broken (the toilet lever!!!) and things needed replacing (ironing board). 

I was frustrated and my patience was thin.

When I informed the property manager they were apologetic and attentive to making the necessary changes and refunding my cleaning fee. They offered to bring in the cleaners “again.” At first I declined but after finding the moldy toilet seat I accepted.

I went to bed (it smelled and looked clean) at midnight Seattle time. 

Tomorrow is another day.