Day 32 – Feeling Local

Kawainui marsh

You know you are feeling like a local to Hawaii when…

  • You stop using Google maps to find your way around.
  • You take a different highway home – LikeLike instead of the H3 – just because.
  • You go out wearing a tank top without a bra on (not to work though)
  • You wear flip flops instead of your Chacos
  • You leave your flip flops at the Beach Access point
  • You smile at everyone and they smile back
  • You shaka without thinking
  • You are starting to say Howzit instead of How’s it going
  • You ride your clunker cruiser bike around town like a pro
  • You take the longer way home through Kawainui park (see photo)

When do you consider yourself a local?



3 thoughts on “Day 32 – Feeling Local

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  1. Aloha Rebecca. I don’t know you personally, but I got your blog from Kirsten Carlson. My name is Veronica. That’s great that it only took about 32 days to start feeling local! Thank you for your posts. I plan to move to Oahu from Monterey, Ca around May with my son who plans to go to college there after we have gained our Hawaii residency. I look forward to reading your “daily” posts and getting some newcomer insight into Oahu living. Mahalo!

      1. Thanks! I’m very interested to learn more about the neighborhoods, beaches, hikes, community activities….. Where are good places to settle in for awhile. I’m not looking for anything fancy, but hopeful that I can have access by foot or bike to walk on one of the beaches daily and close to The Bus. My son will most likely start at the Kapi’olani Community College and then transfer to UHM so we are hoping to learn more about that area in particular. We have been to KCC and it’s Farmer’s Market and Loved it! Anything about your experiences in those areas would be great. I will most likely be searching for a rental via the internet so local insight is much appreciated.

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