Day 44 – A day off in Paradise

When I first arrived in the islands, I was told that most people work two jobs in order to afford living here.

In other words, folks who live here, don’t have many days off. I have taken this to heart and am trying to make the most of my days off.

After all my weekend chores like laundry and catching up on homework as part of the MFA program I am in – I go have fun!

Yesterday I checked out the street festival called Hallowbaloo in downtown Honolulu.

I was misinformed by a coworker who said people don’t really go in costume – they do. So I put on my shades and, with tank top and blue jean shorts on, I was instantly wearing a tourist costume. 😎

This morning I decided to do something I have wanted to do since I arrived 6 weeks ago. Walk around Kailua. It was a 3-hour, 6-mile tour that took me to Lanikai, the Kailua Sunday Market, and back.



After lunch and a quick nap I wasn’t ready to do more homework – so I went on another adventure to Waimanalo. To get Dave’s ice cream!

I then went to the beach because the weekend isn’t complete without a dip in the ocean (after eating the ice cream, of course).


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