Day 15 – Roadtrip

Today I went North. I used Yelp to find a coffee place up the coast. I needed a destination more than I needed coffee. I couldn’t just drive for the joy of it.

I stopped along the way. He’eia state park, where the views of sand bar, Kaneohe bay and the Ko’olau mountains were spectacular. 

Next stop was Kualoa regional park and beach to check out Mokoli’i aka Chinaman’s Hat. I made a note to come back with my snorkel gear. 

I stopped for lunch at the first shrimp truck I saw. The shrimp shack is across the highway from Punalu’u beach park and next door to an old Hawaii grocery store. I ordered the coconut shrimp with guava dipping sauce and went to the grocery store for a Gauva drink (cheaper that way). It was fun but the shrimp shack was a tourist trap – @ $11.25 – it was a bit steep.

The drive – @ a max speed of 35 mph – was mellow and beautiful. Until all traffic stopped. I was too far away from the popular North Shore area for it to be traffic due to cars waiting for parking by the beaches. 

Accident! Three cars somehow managed to crash into each other even though the max speed was so slow. Once past that it was smoothe sailing.

I found the coffe place Yelp suggested but they weren’t open. So I continued to the north shore town of Haleiwa. A place I knew had a coffee shop. I stayed there and did homework (reread book and made annotations to help with my essay writing tomorrow).

On my way back south I had to stop and get wet! The north shore beaches looked amazing because the wind was coming from the southeast (the tubular waves this area is known for don’t happen until winter). I didn’t stop because they were too crowded. Instead I found this little beach and hung out there before making my way back to Kailua..


Breakfast – Day 2 – preparing for a colonoscopy

What I really want for breakfast.



I slept okay, although I have a mild headache and sinus congestion, but that may be from allergies. It’s funny how not eating and going through a major unpleasant event like a colon cleanse opens up a part of your brain that fantasizes about everything you can’t have.

I went for a walk this morning and felt the glow of memories from outdoor meals had with my lovely friends. The cheese, the figs drizzled with honey, dates filled with blue cheese, apples and of course a glass of wine. I want to immerse myself in fresh foods, cooked slightly with a hint of herbs, and a drizzle of olive oil. Flowers in my hair as I sit under a huge oak tree near a vineyard, the sun shining on the fall colors along the hillside, enjoying these delights from the earth.

Breakfast – electrolyte water and a cup of Maui coffee.

Instead my only luxury is a cup of black coffee made with coffee beans from Maui, chased with a sip of electrolyte water. I’m not complaining, unlike diarrhea, I feel great and I’m happy to have coffee, my elixir of life. Although, I loathe the thought of drinking the Magnesium Citrate at 10:30 am… 3 hours away…

Ode to Coffee

Coffee in a.m.

Before the sun rises,
just a glow on the horizon
Morning dew covers
my neighbors roofs.

My mind is fresh
after yoga stretches,
a few sun salutations.
I feed one cat,
while the other
wants out
so he can sit
under the rhody bush,
to stalk birds.

Finally, it is time,
for the most important
morning ritual.
Without it I find
no meaning in life.

Beans from exotic places,
Ethiopia, Sumatra, Guatemala,
I have never been.

I grind them,
scoop them,
pour hot water over them.

Into my mug,
hand crafted no less,
the black liquid mingles.

The first sip,
awakens my senses,
I taste the earth
from where the beans grew.

I visualize green hills,
warm breezes,
flowering trees,
birds singing.

I reach ecstasy,
As the caffeine
courses through
my bloodstream.

Oh joy! oh joy!

The sun finally rises,
shedding light on
a glorious day.

Thanks be
                 to the highest
                                        for this morning cup of joe.