Ode to Coffee

Coffee in a.m.

Before the sun rises,
just a glow on the horizon
Morning dew covers
my neighbors roofs.

My mind is fresh
after yoga stretches,
a few sun salutations.
I feed one cat,
while the other
wants out
so he can sit
under the rhody bush,
to stalk birds.

Finally, it is time,
for the most important
morning ritual.
Without it I find
no meaning in life.

Beans from exotic places,
Ethiopia, Sumatra, Guatemala,
I have never been.

I grind them,
scoop them,
pour hot water over them.

Into my mug,
hand crafted no less,
the black liquid mingles.

The first sip,
awakens my senses,
I taste the earth
from where the beans grew.

I visualize green hills,
warm breezes,
flowering trees,
birds singing.

I reach ecstasy,
As the caffeine
courses through
my bloodstream.

Oh joy! oh joy!

The sun finally rises,
shedding light on
a glorious day.

Thanks be
                 to the highest
                                        for this morning cup of joe.


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