Road Trip with Dad and Blue Bullet

Blue Bullet chugged as she ascended the last few hundred feet to the summit of the Colorado Rockies. The 1985 Toyota passenger van was weighed down with my post-college graduation possessions, like books, a futon and my hot pink Vespa scooter. My dad and I were moving me from my childhood home of Chicago to... Continue Reading →

My dad was only human…

Author's note: This story shares an event in my childhood, my dad's 40th birthday, whose impact subconsciously stayed with me into adulthood. Today would have been my father's 80th birthday - he died last November, ten days before my 43rd birthday, a few months after I finished this story. I grew to love my dad... Continue Reading →

A grave matter?

Wednesday was the chosen day. We packed our father's ashes to drive them to their final resting place. The grave of his father. A reunion 70 years in the making. From the shores of the English Channel near Fort La Varde, the last location my grandfather was stationed, we drove inland 130 kilometers towards the... Continue Reading →

The father

A little girl alonein a field of flowers.She sees no beauty.Abandoned,by the man she loves.Yearning,to holdhis hand.He was to be her guide,Her hero.Waiting,She looks for himin others.Their arrows of love,Bounce off her heart.No warrior of eros could win.Years of lost opportunities,culminate.Towards death,He returns,Professing his love,His ignorance.ForgivenessMelts walls of pain,Lifts a fog of anger.Loverepairs heartbreak.The child... Continue Reading →

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