Sunday Brunch: Refrigerator Frittata

Raw ingredients
Raw ingredients that were in my fridge.
It’s Sunday morning, it’s pouring down rain and I’m hungry. But I don’t want my usual breakfast of granola and rice milk, so I look in the fridge to see if anything inspires me. First I see the half empty carton of eggs. “I need to use these before they go bad.” I thought to myself. Then I spy the vegetable drawer, I open it and find Costco sized bags of baby squash, baby kale, and mushrooms. “I need to eat these before they go bad.” I thought to myself.

First cook the squash and mushrooms.
First cook the squash and mushrooms.

I sliced up the baby squash and mushrooms and slid them into my olive oil seasoned stainless steel skillet. I chopped up a couple of cloves of garlic and sauted those babies together for a few minutes until they were almost fully cooked.
After throwing in the baby kale, I covered and let everything steam for a bit.

After cooking all the veggies, I slid them onto a plate, to wait until I cooked the eggs. I have had trouble with cooking eggs in this skillet in the past, but I only remembered that after I dumped the scrambled egg mixture into the pan.
egg scramble
Egg scramble before epiphany.

Now that I realized that my eggs were going to stick, I had to improvise my fritata. Once the eggs were cooked to almost done, I slid the cooked veggies onto the eggs and covered to cook for about 1-2 minutes.

Cracked a little bit of black pepper and sea salt and the fritta was ready to be served.
Brunch is served!

To round out the meal I added a glass of pineapple, banana and orange juice. Since all of our small juice glasses were dirty in the dishwasher, I improvised and grabbed a couple of champagne glasses. Faux mimosas and refrigerator fritta, a great Sunday brunch!


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