Cuba uncovered #soscuba

Remember World War II?

Remember Reeducation camps in the USA?

Remember how truth was being twisted into a hoax?

This is what Cuba has been for 62-years.

This is what Cuba is today.

Kidnapping teenagers who participated in the protests and sending them to reeducation camps.

For those White, Liberals who support the Cuban revolution because they get free healthcare and free education.

Here is a headline for you to digest.

Cuba restricts medicine and food coming into the country! They do this to accentuate the restrictions of the US embargo.

Stop supporting a communist regime!

To get independent information from Cuba – the # 1 source of information comes from 14yMedio.

14 Independent news sites in Cuba

Amnesty International has updates on Cuba.

Check out this article: “Massive Protests are a Call for Help.

Many Cuban journalists have been jailed. Some have disappeared.

Please share more info in the comments below.



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