South End Farmer’s Market Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s Got A Lot and farmer’s markets are one of them.

Nestled behind the Atherton Mill mall near the light rail tracks, the South End Market has something for everyone.

This is more than a farmer’s market. Besides locally grown fruits and vegetables, many vendors have edible and wearable crafts. Check out wearable crafts at Purple Girl Designs, where Amber has a wide array of semi-precious stone bracelets to help accentuate your natural gifts or protect you from those pesky negative energies.

Let your nose guide you towards the all natural soaps from Rub A Dub All Natural Suds and take advantage of the 3 for $20 bars. These soaps are a simple way to get that at-the-spa experience every time you shower. My favorite is the Eucalyptus and Spearmint. You will want to take a bite out of it if you aren’t careful.

Did you know rice is grown in North Carolina? Well, neither did I. The rice grown by Tidewater Grain Company is the oldest known variety ever grown in what is now the United States. This variety was first grown back in 1685 and yes that means North Carolina is the first place where rice was cultivated. How cool is it to get a rice grown locally. This is a new layer to the buy local, eat local motto of farmer’s markets.

Other edible crafts include fresh pasta, goat cheese, salsa, guacamole, quiches, pastries, and doggy treats. I probably missed some, as each Saturday the mix of vendors may be different. Get their early to ensure a parking spot, take the light rail, or walk.


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