Day 5 – Between Two Worlds

img_8867On my beach walk this morning I realized I was walking between two worlds.

Where the ocean and land meet.

Then I thought about how perhaps we all are walking between two worlds.

Or many worlds.

And perhaps those worlds are only different perspectives of the same world.

The ocean and land are part of Earth, but each yield a different perspective of the Earth.

Religions are different perspectives of spirituality – perhaps – or different perspectives of how to control people.

The water was extra soft this morning. The waves a little less powerful. The sand melted under my feet. There seemed to be less ocean trash.

I wondered how at this very minute there could be so much hate, violence, and injustice happening in other parts of this Earth.

The sun came up behind scattered clouds, a few sunbeams escaped and painted pinks and oranges on the popcorn clouds above me. I felt peace. I felt at peace. I prayed for peace to calm the anger that resides in our hearts.


Today is the beginning of a new world.


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