The post party… The colonoscopy is done!

It’s a new day!

The procedure was done in less than a half hour. I was glad that the sedative and pain killers didn’t knock me out. I watched the entire butt spelunking event on the video monitor.  I love how curious I am about stuff that grosses most other people out. I admired the pinkish white walls of the colon wall, capillaries zig-zagging their way around the membrane. It was interesting to see the folds and curves as the endoscope continued its journey looking for abnormalities. Although one polyp was found I am glad I saw it, and watched the doctor nip it off for biopsy. To my unprofessional eyes the small white blip looked just like a normal part of the colon wall. I will know the results of the biopsy in two weeks.
Now I have peace of mind and a clean colon… for now…



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