Day 1 – lunch – preparations for a colonoscopy continue…

Low fiber lunch.
Last meal until tomorrow night.


I slurp the cooling soup as I try to take my time eating my last meal of solid food until tomorrow night. The soup, a mix of the grits from this morning, which are now a solid polenta, some boxed organic chicken broth, bay shrimp from Oregon and a bit of spices, doesn’t taste so bad.

Low fiber doesn’t have to be bland – hospitals listen up! I added some flair to my soup with some dehydrated onions and ground garlic, which I hope isn’t against the rules of “no fresh fruit or vegetables.”

I’m a bit worried though, this slow eating has put me past the 12:30pm point where I’m only supposed to consume liquids until 10:30 am tomorrow.

Ok, last bite of soup, time check 12:50 pm. I roll the savory soup around my mouth, my teeth bite down on the crunchy texture of the shrimp, the soft consistency of the pita bread and my tongue plays with the sticky, clumpy-ness of the polenta. I will remember this moment as I journey through a liquid fast. I will remember this moment while sitting on the toilet later today after I start the next phase of this preparation.


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